52 Ancestors Challenge

Find out how you can join the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks challenge at No Story Too Small.

My Stories


01.  Frank Springer:  The Wanderer

02.  Beata Salina:  Lady in Waiting

03.  Ossian Salisbury:  An Ocean of Possibilities

04.  Dolores Schroeder:  A Servant’s Heart

05.  Sanford Wiseheart:  The Strong, Silent Type

06.  Marie Neider:  The Dancing Queen

07.  Rebecca Gilbert:  Quaker Daughter, Seneca Daughter

08.  Jonathan Lindley:  From Orange County to Orange County

09.  Sanford Wiseheart:  Wise, Resourceful, and Industrious

10.  Carl Springer:  The Power of Perseverance and Prayer

11.  Zerilda Rakestraw:  Almost a Ghost

12.  Louise Von Allmen:  Jovial and Social

13.  George William Rakestraw:  The One With the Confusing Timeline

14.  Susanna Stähli:  The Woman in the Polka Dot Dress

15.  Syntha Irey:  The Synthesis of a Name

16.  Serilda Long:  A Long Life

17.  Louise Reisenberg:  A Leap of Faith

18.  Phillip Irey:  What’s in a Will

19.  Friedrich Von Allmen:  A Swiss Dairy Farmer in America

20.  Benjamin Gilbert:  He Who Wrestled with God

21.  Francis Rakestraw:  The Effects of War

22.  Charles Rakestraw:  Beginning Again

23.  Frances Lydia Browning:  An Unconventional Proposal

24.  Mildred Springer:  A Life of Loss

25.  Mary Elizabeth Gilliland:  What Makes A Home?

26.  Mary Susan Henderson:  Not Forgotten

27.  Nicholas Springer:  I Pledge Allegiance

28.  Elizabeth Walton:  A Journey of a Thousand Miles…

29.  Edward Von Allmen:  Dairy Farmer By Day, Accordion Player By Night

30.  Leason Gilliland:  The Elusive Leason

31.  William H. Wiseheart:  It’s Easy As AB…H

32.  Charlotte Poppa:  Are You My Great Great Great Grandmother?

33.  Mary L. Lindley:  What Does the L. Stand For?

34.  John Alexander Springer:  Farmer Extraordinaire

35.  George Herman Schroeder:  Aviation Mechanic and Stove Designer

36.  Johann Jakob Seewer:  They Will Know You By Your Deeds

37.  Milton Rakestraw:  Circumstantial Evidence and Corroboration

38.  Mathias Slaymaker:  A Giant in the Woods

39.  Louise Seewer:  Just Your Average Female Farmer

40.  John Wiseheart:  Which John Are You?

41.  Joseph Rakestraw:  A Colorful Claim

42.  Harmon Wiseheart:  Hard to Find

43.  Heinrich Ludwig Wilhelm Schröder:  A Question of Paternity

44.  Deborah Dicks:  Conviction and Courage

45.  Paul Razor:  An Unexpected Revolutionary Ancestor

46.  Owen Lindley:  Quaker Records Are the Key

47.  Viola Browning:  The Traveler

48.  Louise Minnie Gehring:  The Dressmaker and the Machinist

49.  Lydia Slaymaker:  Will the Real Lydia Please Stand Up?

50.  Sarah Gilliland:  Woman of Mystery

51.  Lucia Gander:  Kind and Sympathetic

52.  Henrich Wiseheart:  Untangling the Wiseheart Line

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