Beata Salina: Lady in Waiting (52 Ancestors #02)

Beata Jacobine Salina was born in 1636 in Stockholm, Sweden to parents Dr. Baltzar Salinus and Elizabeth Carlsdotter.  Dr. Salinus was the court physician to King Charles X Gustaf (Karl X Gustav) of Sweden.  It was at court that she met Christopher Springer, who had been a member of the treasurer’s secretariat since 1633, and a court musician before that.1  Beata and Christopher were married on October 15, 1654.1,2  Shortly thereafter, Beata became fourth lady in waiting to Queen Hedvig Eleonora.2,4,5

Christopher, having been born in 1592, was considerably older than Beata.1,2  The couple started a family right away.  They had five children:  Elizabeth, born in 1655; Charles, born in 1658; Christopher, born in 1661; Baltzar, born in 1664; and Jacob, born in 1668.1

In 1669, just one year after Jacob’s birth, Christopher Springer died at the age of seventy seven.1,2,3  At the time of his death, he was Archives Inspector of the Royal Exchequer.1  Queen Dowager Hedvig hired Lady Beata as her royal housekeeper at Gripsholm Castle, across Lake Malar from Stockholm.1,3  It was here that Beata died in December of 1693.  She was buried near the castle, at the church at Mariefred.1

Gripsholm Castle by Carl Abraham Rothstein (1826-1877)

Gripsholm Castle by Carl Abraham Rothstein (1826-1877)

Lady Beata is sometimes listed as Beata Jacobine Hendrickson instead of Salina.2,4,5  I have yet to determine why.  It’s possible that she was married before she married Christopher, however, she would have been very young and that marriage would’ve had to have been very brief.  I have read that the family is well documented in the Stockholm municipal records and the Royal Archives, so perhaps I will be able to find out.


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15 thoughts on “Beata Salina: Lady in Waiting (52 Ancestors #02)

  1. Hello! How wonderful to find your page about Beata Salina Springer. The only info I had/have was from a letter and charts that a cousin shared with me in 1998, as well as Jessie Evelyn Springer’s 1959 “Charles Springer of Cranehook-on-the-Delaware: His Descendants and Allied Families”. I’m not a professional genealogist. I haven’t been doing much work on my family tree for quite a while, so out of curiosity today I checked to see if there was info about Beata that I didn’t have. Tada! Thank you for sharing what you discovered about her–it’s very interesting! So nice to have access to more info about the women in our trees.
    Kathleen Newlin Larson

  2. What a nice page!

    Might not the Hendricksson thing just be a sort of spillover from the fact that her Delaware son married a Maria Hendricksson? I have looked up her marriage record and her death record, digitized at Arkiv Digital. She is Jungfer Beata Salina when she marries Christoff Springer and Oldfru Beata Salina Springer in her death record.

  3. Have you heard this? She was buried December 17 1696 in a small church in Mariefred, across the moat from the castle, her inscription on floor of the church before the left half of the altar rail, which reads: Her Majesty’s, the Royal Dowager’s royal housekeeper, Beata Salina, lies buried beneath this stone. I have seen other message boards with this information but no one seems to have a picture of her grave.

  4. I’ve been reading about and researching my ancestors recently. Lady Beata was the sixth of 12 children (That we know of), all from the union of Dr. Balthazar Salinas and Elisabeth Carlsdotter. According to what I have discovered, she was married to Charles Christopher Springer only. I’m still discovering information about these ancestors. I am working with my brother and a Springer cousin, to document the Springers once they arrived here in Washington County, Missouri. Jessie Evelyn Springer documented much of the history and travels of the Springers from Delaware in the 1600’s to Edwardsville Illinois and early information beginning with Peter Springer and Jane Fulton Springer Silvers, once Jane arrived in Missouri in about 1802 or thereabouts. Charles Carl Springer and Beata Salinas were my 8th great grandparents. Fascinating history!

  5. Hello! I am descended from Dr Balthazar Salinus, through his daughter Beata.
    Through the Springers, long line of people! Down to great great grandparents and their daughter my great grandmother. Quite amazing!!

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