Sanford Wiseheart: Wise, Resourceful, and Industrious (52 Ancestors #09)

“Pap used to say, ‘If you can’t find work, make work.'”  These are words I frequently heard from my grandpa about his father.

Sanford Wesley “Sandy” Wiseheart was born on October 30, 1890 in Elizabeth, Indiana to parents William Henry and Frances Lydia “Fannie” (Browning) Wiseheart.  In the 1910 Census, he was still living with his parents.  He was a peddler working on his own account and owned his own wagon.  Grandpa told me that when his dad was younger he used to buy things in town and load them up on a wagon and sell them at a slight profit to the people who couldn’t make it into town.

In 1917, Sandy filled out a Draft Registration Card.  His occupation was “driver for David Brubeck.”  According to the 1917 New Albany City Directory, David Brubeck was the owner of Brubeck Ice Cream Company.  About a month later, on Sandy’s marriage application with his first wife, his occupation is listed as paper hanger, that is one who hangs wallpaper.

In August of 1918, Sandy went to France and served in the occupation of Privenelle Sector, west of Moselle (Second Army Offensive).

Sanford Wesley Wiseheart (ca. 1914)

Sanford Wesley Wiseheart (ca. 1918)

While there, he was a medical transporter in Field Hospital 22.  He frequently wrote to his mother and to his friend, Mildred Springer.  One such letter contained the following:

if you could of saw what I have over here you would learn that there is no use to worry about anything we must just keep a brave heart and meet our trouble half way for we cannot change what must be.

Sandy married Mildred Gertrude Springer, his second marriage, on May 5, 1920 in Floyd County, Indiana.  Here, Sandy’s occupation was “transfer business,” which is delivery service.  On the 1930 Census, he was a salesman of medicines and toiletries.

Grandpa also told me that during the 1937 flood, Sandy and one of his friends borrowed a neighbor’s rowboat and took hay around to the stranded cows.

The 1940 Census lists Sandy as being a general contractor, working on his own account, who repairs and builds homes.  In 1941, he bought a farm and the family raised crops and chickens as well.

Sandy Wiseheart on the farm.

Sanford Wiseheart on the farm.

Sandy wasn’t afraid of hard work, and he did whatever job was necessary and available in order to provide for his family.

Wiseheart, Sanford - business card

One thought on “Sanford Wiseheart: Wise, Resourceful, and Industrious (52 Ancestors #09)

  1. Wish my dear friend’s husband would consider work in such a positive light. The poor woman has now lost her home, seems husband is “too good to have someone else tell him what to do” and she is disabled. I tried getting work for him but he considered it all beneath him. I’d have hired Sandy in a heartbeat, he wasn’t afraid of good, honest work and I have no doubt that he did a very good job of any work he had.

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