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  1. Hi Melissa – I really enjoy your site!!! I have loved reading your pieces about the Seewers, VonAllmens, and most importantly about your Grandparents – Bud and Delores Wiseheart. I went to Atkins Chapel with your Dad and your Uncles. I have such wonderful memories of all of them. Life was so simple back then. You Great-Grandmother and Grandfather (Louise and George Schroeder) were also such kind people. You have a wonderful family – be very proud of them. I am also proud of my Parents and Grandparents – Gloria and Buddy McCampbell, Bob and Catherine VonAllmen. I’ve had such a wonderful life. My memories are golden now.

    I, too am writing some of the stories about my Grandparents for Dennis Tackett’s (Margaret VonAllmen Tackett) book about the VonAllmen generations before us. I hope your children grow up to appreciate your stories as much as I appreciate the ones I have written down.

    I particularly so admired Bud and Delores. They were truly the salt of the Earth. Bud was always fixing something at that old church and your Grandmother spent so much time making all of us children so very happy. Vacation Bible School was always so much fun and we looked forward to it every year. Your story about your Grandmother really touched my heart. Her being the wise person that she was – way ahead of her time during the years of segregation in the 50’s and 60’s. I really love and admire her greatly for that. God bless you all – you truly are an amazing family!
    Please – post as many pictures as you can. They are all new to me and I love seeing these remnants of our not-so-distant past…..

    Your cousin,

    Mark McCampbell

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