A few forms I created for Floyd County Public Library‘s Stuart Barth Wrege Indiana History Room.

Pedigree Chart  The Pedigree Chart is, visually, a family tree.  This chart has room for five generations of ancestors.

Family Group Worksheet  This is where you list the husband and wife and all of their children together, along with their information.  It is easier to keep families together this way.

Individual Worksheet  This is similar in style to the Family Group Worksheet.  It allows you to have more detailed information about an individual all in one place.

Family Group Census Grid  This form makes it easy to see, at a glance, which family members were on which census records.

Research Checklist  A checklist of the types of records you will want to look at for each individual, though not all records will apply to every person.

Source Log  An easy way to keep track of your sources for each person.

Kid Friendly Forms

My Family Tree – This chart has room for five generations.  It starts with you and goes back to your great great grandparents.

Family Group Worksheet  This sheet is an easy way to keep track of all members in a family.

Individual Worksheet  This sheet has places to fill in lots of personal information about your relative and a place to attach a photograph.

Life Events Worksheet  This is a place for you to write down the important things, both good and bad, that have happened in your life.

Family Tradition Tracking Sheet  This sheet will show you who started your family traditions.

Family Member Interview Questions  These are a few questions to get you started in learning your family’s history.

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