Please Help Indiana Save Our Genealogy!

These next two paragraphs are taken directly from Amy Johnson Crow’s post on No Story Too Small (Thanks, Amy!).

Indiana State Librarian Jacob Speer recently announced that the proposed Indiana state budget would cut the Indiana State Library’s budget by 24% and eliminate the genealogy department.(You can read his full announcement here.)

The Indiana Genealogical Society is urging Indiana residents and non-residents alike to make their voices heard.

As a genealogist and an Indiana History Room Associate at New Albany-Floyd County Public Library, I am both angered and heartbroken by the decision to cut the Indiana State Library’s Genealogy Department.  ISL has so many rare and valuable resources.  Even if these resources are saved and redistributed, it will take a long time for the new caretakers to familiarize themselves with the collection, which means slow and poor service for researchers.  In addition, the Genealogy Department provides programming for librarians and library associates to earn Library Education Units, which we need to keep our certifications.

I encourage everyone, whether you reside in Indiana or not, to write to a state legislator and make a plea for him or her to vote against this cut.  Thank you all in advance.

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